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Learn about the Discovery Channel Telescope
Outside view of the DCT dome

Outside view of the Discovery Channel Telescope dome

Lowell’s state-of-the-art research telescopes keep us at the forefront of major astronomical discoveries.

Over the years, we have augmented our research capability not only by acquiring and upgrading additional telescopes but also by forming collaborative partnerships that support our mission to conduct world-class astronomy.

Research Telescopes & Sites

We have developed observing sites at Anderson Mesa, about 10 miles southeast of Flagstaff and, more recently, at Happy Jack, another 35 miles away, to further accommodate Lowell’s burgeoning suite of advanced telescopes and instrumentation:

Education Telescopes

Lowell’s original research instrument, a supremely crafted 24-inch refracting telescope designed and built by Alvan Clark & Sons, is still used today for public education. Also located on our Mars Hill campus is the historic 13-inch telescope used by Clyde Tombaugh to discover the dwarf planet Pluto in 1930.

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