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Origins of the Expanding Universe Conference

September 17, 2012 marks the one hundredth anniversary of V. M. Slipher’s first observation of cosmological redshifts with the 24-inch Alvan Clark refractor at Lowell Observatory. This was one of the fundamental astronomical observations of the twentieth century, ultimately leading … Continue reading

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Lowell Observatory astronomers chase Pluto’s shadow

(Reprint of press release written by visiting astronomer Dr. Amanda Bosh of MIT) On 23 June 2011, Pluto passed in front of a star and cast a small shadow on the Earth, and astronomers from Lowell Observatory were waiting. Four … Continue reading

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Welcome to Lowell Observatory’s new Web site.  For now, the site has four main areas.  Two are devoted to research — you can read about our astronomers’ projects and get all the latest news about the Discovery Channel Telescope.  Two … Continue reading

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