Two Lowell Exhibits for September: Pluto and the Planets and Earth from Space

Earth from Space - Pyramids | Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution Earth from Space Exhibit: Modern Cairo

Pluto and the Planets
Come experience the planets as you never have before! Lowell’s newest special exhibit, “Pluto and the Planets,” features giant planets, scaled to size. Visitors of all ages can explore the Solar System through an engaging display featuring a full-color inflatable Jupiter (15-feet in diameter), historic artifacts from Lowell’s own planetary research, and exciting hands-on activities.

Earth from Space
This Smithsonian poster exhibit presents large color reproductions of images captured by high-tech satellites constantly circling the globe, recording conditions and events that are nearly impossible to document on the planet’s surface. Rare views of events such as dust storms, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes are accompanied by text that explains how satellite imagery is gathered and used to explore Earth. Documenting environmental cycles, natural disasters, and man-made ecological effects, satellite images provide clues about the dynamic nature of our planet.

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