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Percival Lowell painting

Percival Lowell painting by school children on a field trip in the 1980s

Today, members of the steadily growing Percival Lowell Society play a key role in ensuring the future of discovery and outreach on Mars Hill.

When Percival Lowell died, he wrote in his will that “the balance of the net income [of my estate] shall be used for carrying on the study of Astronomy?at my Observatory at Flagstaff, Arizona?” Today, this endowment continues to provide the Observatory with its financial underpinning. In recognition of our founder’s vision and foresight, we created the Percival Lowell Society in 2002 to recognize individuals who make planned gifts to Lowell Observatory.

All of us at Lowell are grateful for the extraordinary generosity of the many individuals who have made bequests, charitable trusts, or other testamentary gifts. As a measure of our thanks, we give all Society members a bronze composite replica of Percival Lowell’s original globes of Mars, designed by renowned artist and Lowell Advisory Board member Greg Mort (

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Percival Lowell was deeply committed to the public appreciation of astronomy. We still are. We truly enjoy sharing our discoveries and would be delighted to have you as a member.


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