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Percival Lowell painting

Percival Lowell painting by school children on a field trip in the 1980s

A Lowell Observatory membership is your ticket to the Universe.

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Type Cost Benefits
Individual $35 Free admission for one; 10% discount in Starry Skies Shop
Basic $60 Free admission for two adults and their minor children; two guest passes; 10% discount in Starry Skies Shop
Primary $100 Basic benefits plus: invitation to the openings of new exhibits; six guest passes
Contributor $250 Primary benefits plus: free admission for four adults and minor children / grandkids; astronomical calendar
Pluto Society $500 Contributor benefits plus: invitation to private reception with Lowell's director on Mars Hill campus
Lowell Associate $1000 Pluto Society benefits plus: a private telescope viewing on Mars Hill campus
Trustee Circle $2500 Lowell Associate benefits plus: a tour of the Anderson Mesa research facility
Discovery $5000 Trustee Circle benefits plus: a tour of the Discovery Channel Telescope; use of Lowell facilities for a private function

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Percival Lowell was deeply committed to the public appreciation of astronomy. We still are. We truly enjoy sharing our discoveries and would be delighted to have you as a member.


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