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Percival Lowell painting

Percival Lowell painting by school children on a field trip in the 1980s

Meet Jim and Vivian Crisman

Jim and Vivian Crisman have been a part of Lowell since their first visit in 1985. They have been interested in astronomy since 1981, when Jim sold his stamp collection to buy his first telescope. Shortly after moving to Arizona, Jim founded the Sun City West Astronomy Club and served as the President for 13 years, while Vivian served as Secretary-Treasurer for 15 years.

They said that “the unique combination of research with outreach and education, especially to schoolchildren, make what Lowell does so important. We are very excited about the new research that will be possible with the Discovery Channel Telescope and the potential it has to expand astronomy outreach and education. We believe that it will inspire the next generation of young and curious minds.”

Years ago, the Crismans became members of the Percival Lowell Society, the Observatory’s planned giving group. “Since Lowell is privately funded, we know how critical this kind of gift is to the future of this institution. Also, because of Lowell’s relatively small size, we know that our money will have a greater impact here — our gift will not be just a small drop in a large bucket, it will really make a difference.”

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Percival Lowell was deeply committed to the public appreciation of astronomy. We still are. We truly enjoy sharing our discoveries and would be delighted to have you as a member.


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