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Technical Staff

Ralph NyeRalph is responsible for the mechanical design of new instruments and for overseeing the maintenance of all Lowell telescopes and scientific instruments.

Tom BidaB.S., 1982, University of Colorado, Boulder
M.S., 1991, University of New Mexico

Tom Bida has been with Lowell since 2000, initially as an instrument specialist. His primary responsibility is overseeing the design, development, and integration of the telescope's optics systems. Tom's professional interests include optical and infrared instrumentation for ground-based and airborne astronomy, and spectroscopy of Mercury's atmosphere. Previously, Tom was the optical instrument specialist at the W.M. Keck Observatory from 1993-2000.

Len BrightLen takes data at the Solar Stellar Spectrograph for Jeff Hall and Wes Lockwood in support of the Solar Analogs program. He completed the site testing survey by measuring the astronomical seeing using a technique called DIMM at the DCT site. His interests include classical music, choral music, hiking, computer programming, and stargazing.

Peter CollinsPeter arrived at Lowell in February 2006. He has developed codes for automated telescope observing and IDL analysis and currently works with Ted Dunham on HIPO and other instruments. Peter's previous employers include SAO and Steward Observatory. His interests include amateur astronomy, hiking, and writing.

Jeff builds instruments for our telescopes and other equipment.

Rich OliverRich designs and fabricates electronic circuits for new instruments and maintains existing electronics at Anderson Mesa and Mars Hill.

Ph.D., 1990, Columbia University

Saeid supports our instrument lab, primarily the Lowell Observatory Instrumentation System (LOIS). He has conducted research in radio astronomy and atmospheric physics but he has been a full-time programmer since 1999. His current interests are user interface design, data analysis, and functional programming.

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