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Research Scientists

Matthew KnightPh.D., 2008, University of Maryland

Matthew is an assistant research scientist working with Dave Schleicher studying gas and dust coma morphologies in comets. He did his thesis research on sungrazing comets. Visit Matthew’s homepage.

Georgi MandushevGeorgi works with Ted Dunham on the detection of exoplanets.

Research Associates & Assistants

Allison BairB.A., Geoscience, University of Iowa, 2000; M.S., Quaternary Sciences, Northern Arizona University, 2004

Allison first came to Lowell in 2005 as a public program educator. Since 2006, she has assisted Dr. Dave Schleicher with his research on comets, especially their physical properties.

Brian assists astronomers Nick Moskovitz and Will Grundy with software programming.

Thomas assists astronomers Nick Moskovitz and Will Grundy with research.

Jacob assists astronomer Lisa Prato with research.

Kathryn NeugentB.A., Astronomy and Computer Science, Wellesley College, 2010
M.S., Computer Science, George Washington University, 2012

Kathryn first came to Lowell as part of the MIT / Wellesley field camp program. She then returned as Phil Massey's REU student in the summer of 2009. Since then, she has continued working with Phil on massive star research in local group galaxies. She has taken the lead on a number of these projects and gone on to publish the results and present at conferences, most recently at a meeting on the Island of Rhodes in Greece. Kathryn additionally works in the field of computer security though one day she hopes to combine her love of programming and astronomy into one job.

In her free time, she loves backpacking, astrophotography (she helped create many of the Large Monolithic Imager's first light images) and spending time with her cat and corgi.

Brian SkiffB.S., Physics, 1977, Northern Arizona University

Brian assists Wes Lockwood and Ted Bowell with their research programs, including searches for asteroids and the NASA Extragalactic Database. He began working at the observatory in 1976.

Science Staff Administrative Assistant

Mattie handles grant reporting and assists in grant preparation, travel reports, travel requests and all other administrative requests from the Scistaff. She began working at the observatory in April, 2014.

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