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W. Lowell Putnam, Sole Trustee

William Lowell Putnam, IV (he goes by "Lowell") is the great-grandnephew of Percival Lowell, our founder.

Putnam was actively involved in the development of early-generation television traffic systems and held senior software development and business analyst positions, including Director of Systems Development for Springfield Television Corporation. He has served on various media industry boards and committees.

In 1984 he founded VCI Solutions, a company that provided sales, traffic, and automation software solutions for the broadcast and cable industry. He sold this company in 2010.

Putnam is the fifth trustee of the observatory since Percival Lowell's death in 1916:

*Guy Lowell (1916-1927; Percival Lowell's third cousin)
*Roger Putnam (1927-1967; Percival Lowell's nephew)
*Michael Putnam (1967-1987; Roger Putnam's son)
*William Lowell (Bill) Putnam (1987-2013; Michael Putnam's brother)
*W. Lowell (Lowell) Putnam (2013-?; Bill Putnam's son)

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