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The Rotunda at Lowell

The Rotunda at Lowell Observatory

Stephen Levine,

DCT Commissioning Scientist &
Deputy Director for Technology

As the Deputy Director for Technology, Stephen is responsible for oversight of Lowell's observing facilities, instrument group and information technology. He also serves as the DCT Commissioning Scientist, and has primary responsibility for bringing Lowell's new telescope from its construction stage to full science operations. For this, he draws on previous experience writing telescope and instrument control software.

Stephen's primary research interests center around large astrometric surveys and the numerical simulation of the dynamics of astrophysical disk systems, with an emphasis on understanding the structure and evolution of lopsided disk and irregular galaxies. He is investigating uses of observations of gravitational microlensing for disentangling astrophysical disk structures. Stephen also maintains an active interest in stellar occultation studies of outer solar system objects. He is currently collaborating with Arne Henden of the AAVSO on the construction of the AAVSO Photometric All-Sky Survey (APASS).

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