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Kevin Covey, Astronomer

Kevin's research focuses on understanding the formation and evolution of low-mass stars (ie., stars like our Sun, or smaller). His primary research goal is to understand how the youngest stars interact with circumstellar material to gain mass and shed angular momentum; he also studies the connection between stellar rotation and magnetic fields over longer timescales, to provide a window into a star's internal structure and calibrate a valuable means for measuring stellar ages.

Kevin's primary observational tool in these studies in near-infrared spectroscopy, which provides detailed information about protostellar properties and is well suited to piercing the dusty envelope that surrounds these young stars. Observations at other wavelengths, and data from large astronomical surveys (e.g., the APOGEE component of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the YSOVAR Spitzer Survey) also play an important role in Kevin's research.

Visit Kevin's webpage or contact him via e-mail.

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