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The Rotunda at Lowell

The Rotunda at Lowell Observatory


Samantha ChristensenB.S., Mathematics, University of Arizona, 2008

Samantha first came to Lowell Observatory in 2009 as a public program educator and later assisted Dave Schleicher with his comet research. Since November, 2013 Samantha has managed Lowell's outreach efforts.

Diana runs Lowell's gift shop.

These individuals give tours and assist with telescope viewing for Lowell's 70,000+ visitors each year:

• Ian Avilez, Supervisor
• Glen Bessonette
• Emily Bevins
• Travis Brown, Supervisor
• Liz Gehret
• Todd Gonzalez
• Erik Lehmkuhl
• Alethia Little
• Jamie Money, Supervisor
• Eric Nolan
• Sone Sithonnorath
• Kevin White

These individuals assist visitor in the Lowell Starry Skies Shop.

•Kelsey Banister
•Shannon Gonzales
•Cathleen Halstead
•Cecile LeBlanc
•Max Schwartz
•Kim Tackitt


Antoinette Beiser

MLS, 1980, University of Denver
Antoinette joined the Lowell staff as Manager of the Library and Archives in August of 1990, joined Development in 2009, and is now the Leadership Gifts Officer . Contact Antoinette via e-mail or phone (928) 255-0186.

Contact Mica via e-mail or phone (928) 255-0229.

Contact Mica via e-mail or phone (928) 255-5059.


Kevin oversees the observatory's communications efforts, both internally and externally, including information dissemination via newsletters, Constant Contact email blasts, social media; manage PR, marketing, advertising.

Diana runs Lowell's gift shop.

Contact Oakley via e-mail or phone (928)233-3260.

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